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Governance Review Survey



As part of USACA’s commitment to create a functional, well-run organization that affords us the ability to live into our goal of making cricket a game for all Americans, we are pleased to announce the deployment of our Governance Review process.

For those who are unaware, the Governance Review Committee includes the following individuals: Jon Long with the ICC; Nigel Melville with the US Rugby Association; Kevin Hussain with the Connecticut Cricket League; John Thickett (USACA Treasurer), and me (Central West Regional Coordinator).

The Governance Review process was announced several weeks ago, and we are pleased to have retained TSE Consulting, based in Indianapolis, to be the entity that will assist us in creating a governance structure that allows us to achieve the goal of being a better governed organization.

Since we are a member-driven organization, we need the opinions of our members, as we believe strongly that this process will not be effective without input from those who we serve in the US cricket community. Therefore, we have directed TSE Consulting to create a survey that will allow for them to gather your opinions, via the use of closed- and open-ended questions. The survey will be sent to you this week, and I would sincerely appreciate your responses to that survey within a reasonable timeframe (1 week).

In order to assist with the objective of obtaining accurate, unfiltered information, we have directed TSE to make the surveys anonymous; you will only be identified to TSE if you request to be, and when TSE reports the results of the surveys to the Committee, they will present the information in summary format, without any identifiable information.

Your input in this stage of the process is vital, and so I look forward to you being able to complete the survey in a timely manner as mentioned earlier, and thus assist us in improving the governance of the sport in this country. Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this initiative.

Yours in the spirit of cricket,

Brian Walters

CW Regional Representative,

United States of America Cricket Association

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