Now that the USACA Strategic Plan has been released, USACA has now begun to consider the opportunities that exist for talented youth in the USA outside of the Under 19 age group. As the USACA Strategic Plan 2014 – 2016 clearly states, our focus for the coming year will now include Under 15’s.

The role of the USACA Youth Committee is also evolving to now support and advise on the developing the US Talented Player Pathway which USACA High Performance Manager, Andy Pick has commenced. The USACA High Performance Programme is being finalized at the present and the components pertaining to the Under 15 age group will include talent identification and development, as well as competition play.

Andy Pick will oversee the establishment of the USACA Under 15 Development Programme, working closely with the Regions and the USACA Youth Committee. USACA will issue guidelines and programme essentials to ensure that the development programme challenges our players and allows them time to improve their skills.

These guidelines will specify the manner in which the development programme will be delivered in each Region, the parameters in which any trials should be conducted with consistent selection procedures and processes. Current plans are for a Western and Eastern Conference format with the top two teams from each Conference competing during an Under 15’s finals weekend in late June 2014, in California.

A key component of the Under Development Programme will also training regional coaches to ensure that training sessions allow the players involved to develop in the lead up to competition.

A major focus for the Under 15 Development Programme will be ensure the selection policy is independent and robust and based on series of skills tests, match play and tactical scenario work. The objective is for the Under 15 Development Programme to link into the USACA Talented Player Pathway which establishes a path through to the Under 19 Programme and the National team.

Should you have questions, please call Andy in the office on (561) 839 1888.

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