Regions & Leagues

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USACA Regions and Leagues - 2012 Western Conference
Eastern Conference Central East Region
1. Connecticut Cricket League 1. American Cricket Conference
2. Mass State Cricket League 2. Bolingbrook Premier League
3. Southern Connecticut Cricket Association 3. Great Lakes Cricket Conference
    4. Illinois Cricket Board
New York Region 5. International Cricket Management Corp & League
1. American Cricket League 6. Michigan Cricket Association
2. Brooklyn Cricket League 7. Midwest Cricket Conference
3. Commonwealth Cricket League 8. Minnesota Cricket Conference
4. Eastern American Cricket Association    
5. Nassau New York Cricket Association Central West Region
6. New York Cricket League 1. Central Texas Cricket League
7. New York Metropolitan & District Cricket Association 2. Colorado Cricket League
    3. Heartland Cricket League
Atlantic Region 
4. Houston Cricket League
1. Cricket League of New Jersey



North Texas Cricket Association
2.   Garden State Cricket League 6.   Dallas Cricket League
3.  Indoor Cricket USA 7.  Dallas Youth Cricket League
4.  Millenium Cricket League 8.  Dallas Leather Cricket League
5. New Jersey Cricket Association North West Region
6. Washington Cricket League 1. Bay Area Cricket Alliance
7. Washington Metro Cricket Board 2. California Cricket Academy
8. New Jersey Scorer's & umpires Cricket Association 3. California Cricket League
    4. Northern California Cricket Association
    5. Northwest Cricket League
    6. Sacramento Cricket Association
    7. East Bay Youth Cricket Association
South East Region South West Region
1. Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference 1. Arizona Cricket Association
2. Central Florida Cricket Association 2. Greater Los Angeles Cricket Association
3. Florida Southeast Cricket League 3. Orange County Cricket Association
4. Georgia Supreme Cricket League 4. San Diego Cricket League
5. South Florida Cricket Alliance 5. Southern California Cricket Association
6. Triangle Cricket League    

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