Which Site Is Best for Live Cricket Streaming to Watch in USA – Top Picks

Cricket is a sport with a long tradition worldwide and has been recording a huge rise in popularity for years. Despite that, sometimes it is difficult to find the appropriate streaming service to watch the games, so in today’s article, we will answer the question of which site is best for live cricket streaming to watch in USA.

Even if you do not have access to watch cricket on TV, there are numerous websites that allow you to stream games live anytime. There are also options to stream on mobile with various available. The bottom line is that there are plenty of choices; you just need to know where to look. We made a list of some of the best ways to stream cricket we would like to share with you, so let us get into it,

1. Hotstar

hotstar live cricket streaming to watch in usa

Hotstar is one of the most popular live-streaming cricket websites in the world. On this site, you can subscribe, watch, and stay up to date with all cricket happenings around the globe. You can stream via smartphones, laptops, and tablets and also watch everything with streaming commentary in the language of your choice.

2. Cricbuzz


Cricbuzz was one of the first websites where you could watch cricket games ball-by-all even before the concept of live streaming became so popular. The site allows you to watch cricket games apart from their text-based commentary, which is a nice little feature. The best thing about streaming here is that you can watch every match around the globe, and Cricbuzz does not have to deal with media rights.

3. ESPNcricinfo

espn cricinfo live cricket streaming to watch in usa

ESPNcricinfo, also known as Cricinfo, is a website where you can find sports news and streams dedicated to cricket. As the name implies, the site provides coverage of news, information, articles, and cricket matches around the world. It allows you to follow all the results and games and read text commentary ball by ball, which is a very nice feature.

4. SonyLIV Sports

If you are looking for a legal and reliable platform for streaming not just cricket, but various other sports live, then SonyLIV Sports might be an ideal choice. Tech giant Sony brings this streaming platform, and it allows you to keep up to date on all the important cricket matches that are played worldwide. In addition, it provides a user-friendly interface and is also available on iOS and Android devices.

5. SkySports

skysports Live Cricket Streaming to Watch in USA

SkySports is a website for streaming various sports games, including cricket. It is a very well-built website with an easy-to-use interface that provides you with a wholesome experience when streaming your favorite games. The site also gives you the option to stream any live cricket TV match from anywhere on your mobile phone and laptop easily.

6. Live Cricket Streaming on Facebook

fb Live Cricket Streaming to Watch in USA

Although many people are not aware that they can stream cricket live on Facebook, it is an option worth trying out. Although you will not be able to find each and every cricket match out there, you can simply type “cricket” in the search box and check the video section, where you can find numerous live streams.

7. CricketWorld

cricketworld Live Cricket Streaming to Watch in USA

CricketWorld is a website that provides live cricket streaming for free for all fans of the sport. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate for everyone. The site is divided into two sections – one for live matches and the other for live score updates. This means that you can easily stream live cricket matches in the live section while getting updates on results in the other.

8. Crictime


Crictime is another site that offers you an opportunity to stream cricket games live in high-quality. It is a reliable site that ranks among the best streaming sites for cricket, especially since the interface is very simple and easy to navigate. Simply go on the website, and after it shows you available games, simply click on the one you want to watch, and the site will redirect you to the stream.

9. CricHD


This website is among the top-rated live cricket streaming sites due to its speed, user-friendly interface, and high-quality image. It provides an excellent viewing experience and allows its users to stream cricket games in HD quality. The homepage displays all live matches streamed from different regions. Aside from cricket, you can also follow other sports such as NFL, golf, darts, or racing.

10. Willow TV

willow tv

Willow TV is a website that specializes in online streaming for cricket, football, and other sports. It is available for USA audiences and also has a channel on cable networks. All videos and content available on this platform are available in HD format. The site also includes scoreboards and live matches so that you will be up to date with results at all times.

11. BCCI


The BCCI is the richest sports body that comes under ICC, and its official website is in itself a live cricket match streaming website. You can stream domestic and international games, but also other sports variants like the T-20 and the one-days. In addition, it is one of the rare websites on which you can stream in Hindi as well.

12. Cricket Streaming on Reddit


Although using unofficial links is not always the safest option to go for, Reddit streams for cricket were pretty consistent with their delivery of high-quality streams. Even though this platform does not host any live cricket games directly or officially, you can use cricket and T-20 IPL subreddits to get unofficial links for live matches.

13. Vip Box


Vip Box was once considered one of the best websites for live streaming of sports events; however, its popularity has decreased over the course of the years, but it is still a worthy mention when talking about sports streaming. On this website, you can stream all sports, including cricket, football, rugby, baseball, basketball, boxing, tennis, and many more.

14. Bosscast


This free online cricket streaming website is one of the top choices due to the impeccable features and user-friendly interface it possesses. You can stream cricket on this website without any restrictions and completely hassle-free. Aside from cricket, you can also stream various other sports here, while the main limitation of the site is that it is full of pop-up ads.

15. My Live Cricket

my live cricket

This website offers free streaming of cricket and absolutely no restriction for its users while doing so. Moreover, the site is exclusively dedicated to cricket, so you will be able to watch all the games that are played worldwide. It is also a great pick for users that have limited mobile data since you can switch the quality of streaming video easily and adapt it to your mobile package.

Final Words

This concludes or list of the best streaming sites for cricket. There are plenty of free and paid options you can go for, and each provides you with the excellent video quality. If you come across any region-restricted sites, consider taking the help of any VPN or Proxy service.