10 Best Cricket Bats for Kids 2023 – Sets for Juniors and Beginners

Choosing the best cricket bats for kids can be quite a problematic endeavor, especially if you do not know a lot about this sport. These bats can also come with high price tags, so it is very important to be confident in your decision and choose the right product. We did a bit of research and came up with a list of some of the best-reviewed ones that we would like to share with you.

If you do not have prior experience in purchasing cricket bats, you will definitely need some help with this purchase since there are various types and sizes that come at different prices. We tried to add some diversity and list something for different budget limits and needs, so without further delay, let us get right into it.

List of Best Cricket Bats for Kids

1. CE Kids Cricket Gift Set

CE Kids Cricket Gift Set

Coming from the CE store, this kids’ cricket gift set is available in sizes 4 and 6 and is an excellent tool for the development of young cricket players. If your child is under eight years of age, you should opt for size 4, while size 6 is a better choice for older kids.

The set contains one wooden bat, four wickets, one bail, and one ball, which is everything you need for your child to start practicing. The colors on the bat are eye-catching, and the overall design is very appealing. The bat is also made of high-quality wood and is lightweight, which is very important for young players.

The bat and the whole set arrive in a convenient carrying bag in which you can pack everything you require for a cricket game. In addition, this set comes at a more than reasonable price, and considering the quality of the product and the additional items you get, it is worth giving this product a chance.

2. Gunn & Moore Kids’ Cricket Set

Gunn & Moore Kids' Cricket Set

This cricket set is a perfect choice for younger children to play in the garden, on the beach, or at the park. The bat is made of plastic; it is lightweight and is a great tool to introduce your children to a game of cricket since it is very easy to use.

The set includes a bat, a soft ball, stumps, and a base, and all of that comes in a convenient carrying bag. All three weather plastic stumps are shaped to be placed in the soft ground or the all-weather base that comes inside the package.

This bat and the whole set are designed to help young cricketers develop their batting skills and get to know the game. Due to its weight, this bat is ideal for children that are eight years old or younger, and it will help the smooth transition into the cricketing world.

3. Greensen Kids Cricket Set ABS Plastic Cricket Bat

Greensen Kids Cricket Set ABS Plastic Cricket Bat

Coming from the Greensen store, this cricket bat is designed to help young children develop hand-eye coordination and introduce them to the game of cricket. It is also excellent for developing kids’ observation abilities and helps them stay active and enhance their movement.

The bat and the rest of the set are made of high-quality ABS material, which is waterproof and very durable. The set comes with one bat, one batting board, and two balls, which are suitable for playing on the beach, in a park, or in the yard.

Moreover, the bat is pretty light, so it is suitable for younger kids. However, it is too light to play any legitimate games, and its main purpose is to develop kids’ skills and introduce them to the game. In addition, the set comes at a very low price, so it is a smart investment that will keep your kids active.

4. GRS Kids Zone Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Wicket Set & 1 Tennis Ball for Kids

GRS Kids Zone Popular Willow Cricket Bat with Wicket Set & 1 Tennis Ball for Kids

This cricket bat with a wicket set is a product from the GRS store, and it is an ideal choice for kids that are just starting to play the game of cricket. The bat is size three, which is perfect for kids between six and ten years of age, although younger children can also give it a try.

It is entirely made of wood and pretty lightweight, making it an excellent choice for beginner cricketers. The set in which this bat comes contains one wooden bat, one wicket set, three stands, two balls, one base, and one tennis ball.

Perfect for games in the park, beach, or yard, this bat is very simple to use and perfect for developing children’s hand-eye coordination, orientation, and reactions while also keeping them active. In addition, the price is more than fair, and considering the overall quality of the product, it is a good bargain.

5. H&A Sports Kids Plastic Cricket Bat Ball Stumps Set Size 3 & 5

H&A Sports Kids Plastic Cricket Bat Ball Stumps Set Size 3 & 5

Coming from the Sports Gear US store, this cricket bat is ideal for junior cricket players, specifically between eight and thirteen years of age. The set includes one cricket bat, one junior soft ball, and a set of stumps that all come in a convenient carrying bag.

The bat is really solid and well made, and on occasion, you do not even get the impression that it is made of plastic. Every time you hit the ball, you hear that satisfying sound that offers numerous entertaining hours of playing the game.

Since you get the base inside the set, you will be able to play the game both indoors and in the paved garden as well. The bats are a bit on the small side for middle school students but are sturdy and good enough to keep them engaged in the game. The price is way better than for the most competitive products, and it is definitely worth checking out.

6. SPORTAXIS – Wooden Cricket Set

SPORTAXIS - Wooden Cricket Set

This wooden cricket set is a product from the Sportaxis store, and it is meticulously designed to be lightweight and assist kids in the smooth transition as beginners in cricket. The weight of this product allows them to play a wide variety of shots that would otherwise be hard on beginner’s hands.

This bat is designed to give young players the freedom to get excellent shots and develop their batting skills by attempting new types of shots without being burdened by the weight of the bat. It will help children develop both social and motoric skills over time.

Although this bat is pretty light, the weight does not compromise on the product’s sturdiness and durability, which is very important when you weigh the price and quality. Speaking of which, the price is rather low, and the quality of the bat itself is very high, so give this bat a shot when you get a chance.

7. Premium Backyard Cricket Set – Beach Cricket

Premium Backyard Cricket Set

This beach cricket set is another product from the Sportaxis store and is made of high quality pp plastic, which largely contributes to the overall sturdiness and durability of the product. The set contains one bat, two balls, three stumps, two bails, and one carrying bag.

The bats and the rest of the equipment are designed to be lightweight and ease the beginners’ transition into the cricketing world. Although these items are light, they are very sturdy and durable, which is another testament to quality.

Bat and stumps wickets are all full size and can be used by average-height adults. There is also a sticker on the handle that simulates a rubber sleeve and is very convenient. The hollow construction also allows children to wield the bat easily and is a perfect addition for afternoon play with family.

8. Pro Impact Cricket Set – Junior Wooden

Pro Impact Cricket Set

Coming from the Pro Impact store, this cricket set delivers extra security and ease of use for kids and beginner cricket players. The entire set is not very heavy, and it will be very easy for your child to wield, use, and carry around. The set includes a size five bat, three stumps, two bails, and a tennis ball.

What separates this product from the rest of the pack is a very convenient carrying case that can fit everything from the set, alongside some extra small items like a bottle of water or something similar. It comes with a strap which you can put over the shoulder and carry wherever you go.

The bat itself is very sturdy and durable but light enough so that children’s delicate hands can easily wield and handle it. The tennis ball that comes in a set has a very good bounce to it and can spin very well. The set comes for 99 dollars, which is a nice bargain considering the overall quality.

9. GOTOTOP Kids Cricket Set

GOTOTOP Kids Cricket Set

This junior cricket set is a product from the Gototop store, and it is specifically designed for younger children (8 years of age and younger). The bat is made of top-notch ABS material that has excellent water resistance, sturdiness, and durability to it.

The bat measures 45 x 27 cm / 17.7 x 98 inches, and it is lightweight and convenient for young hands. The batting board size stands at 58 x 8 cm or 22.8 x 3.1 inches. This product is highly beneficial for kids’ development as it improves their rapid reaction ability and hand-eye coordination.

The package includes an ABS material bat, batting board, and two balls, but sadly the carrying bag is not included. It is an excellent product to help you bind with your kids more and interest them in sports and physical activity that might turn out to be a fun hobby one day.

10. CW League 20-20 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat for Kids Junior Size 3

CW League 20-20 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat for Kids Junior Size 3

This full-size bat with a short handle is a product coming from the CW store, and it is suitable for kids seven years of age or younger. The materials used in the manufacturing process of this bat are leather, wood, and rubber, and the overall design is ideal for junior and beginner players.

The bat offers exceptional performance, and since it has a unique shape, it delivers superb pick-up, making it feel much lighter than it actually is. It delivers excellent speed and power even in untrained, young, and beginner hands.

The handle is very good, and it provides sufficient grip to help kids wield it firmly. It is reinforced with a high-quality rubber sleeve that provides extra comfort. This will enable your child to have longer practice sessions and stay active for extended periods.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cricket Bats for Kids

Cricket Bats for Kids

When browsing for junior cricket bats, it is important to consider all the important features that make a quality product. The price is not everything (although it is one of the essential factors), and you should thoroughly research the product to get the best value for your money’s worth. Here are some guidelines you should follow before buying a cricket bat:


If you do not have a useful sizing guide but want to get the bat for your child that will fit him or her like a glove, you can do it in three steps:

  1. Get your kid to lean a bat against the leg, as upright as it is possible
  2. Let the kid’s arm hang loosely by the side
  3. The top of the handle of the bat should reach the kid’s wrist

It is important that the top handle reaches the wrist, not the tip of the fingers. This is really important so that your kid can wear the bat comfortably and swing it effortlessly even throughout prolonged training sessions.


As far as the materials used in the manufacturing process of junior bats, there are no bad choices since they are made for transition face from beginner to higher level of skill. If your child is very young but shows interest in cricket, you might want to opt for the bat made of ABS materials. However, if your child is a bit older (8 years or more), you might want to opt for the bat made of wood.

Bat Grade

Although this is almost entirely cosmetic, if you want your child to wear a specific bat, you should consider the grades that there is a total of four. This is also related only to bats that are made of wood, and grade refers to the quality of wood, among which grade 1 bats are made of the finest willow.


This factor is entirely subjective, and it depends on how much money you want to spend on a junior cricket bat. Some parents find themselves in shock when they see that some junior bats cost almost like the adult versions. However, we listed some options that are rather inexpensive and can suit most budgets, so consider checking them out again.


The weight of a junior cricket bat bears huge importance. Children are typically just beginners in this sport, so in order to make their transition and first cricketing steps smoother, consider buying them lightweight bats so that they can experiment with a wide variety of swings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cricket Bats for Kids

What determines the cricket bat grade?

The cricket bat grade is determined depending on the quality of the willow used in the manufacturing process. There are four different grades, among which grade 1 is considered the best in quality.

Are wooden bats better than plastic ones for kids?

This is something that largely depends on the kid’s strength and age. If your child is very young, it might be difficult for him to lift a heavier wooden bat, let alone swing it, so it is wiser to purchase an ABS material bat for kids that are five or six years of age.

What type of cricket bat is best suited for kids?

Consider purchasing a cricket bat with a low middle and sweet spot. It is a good decision for kids and beginners since they can make better contact and score more runs and even boundaries using a bat that has low middle.

What is a cricket bat cleft?

The short version of the answer is that a bat cleft is a piece of wood. When a willow is cut down to its approximate “cricket bat shape” in the trade, it is known as a cleft. In some countries, a cleft refers to the playing surface of the bat.

Final Words

This concludes our list and buying guide for the best cricket bats for kids. This is a very wise purchase for juniors since cricket is a very entertaining sport that stimulates kids to be more active, socialize, and spend time outdoors.

We hope you enjoyed our article and that we provided you with sufficient pieces of information to make an educated choice when purchasing a junior cricket bat. If you are still uncertain which product to go for, revisit our list of top picks and check the reviews and ratings to get a better picture of an ideal bat.