What Is An Over In Cricket?

Cricket is the game for which Asian countries are tremendously passionate. Even Australians love the game so much that summer means Cricket on freshly mown grass for some children. A cricket match has a certain number of balls to be delivered in the limited formats of the game. So, what is an over in Cricket? … Read more

What Is A Powerplay In Cricket?

In Cricket, we often hear that the rules might just incline in favour of the batsmen. This does not sound so pleasant for the bowlers, does it? The powerplay is one of the many controversial yet essential elements in the modern game. So, what is a powerplay in cricket? The Powerplay is basically a fundamental … Read more

United States National Cricket Team – History and Results

usa cricket team

The United States national cricket team represents its country in cricket and has been an associate member of the International Cricket Council since 1965. America is one of the countries that has the richest history in cricket worldwide, and it dates back over three hundred years. Although many people believe that baseball is an American … Read more

Cricket Regions & Leagues in US – Competitions


Please find below a list of the Regions and Leagues USACA Regions and Leagues – 2015   North East Region Central East Region 1. Connecticut Cricket League 1. Bolingbrook Premier League 2. 2. Illinois Cricket Board 3. 3. Cricket Michigan 4. Midwest Cricket Conference New York Region 5.  Champions League USA 1. American Cricket League … Read more

USA National Under 19’s Cricket Team – Overview

USA National cricket Under 19’s Team

ICC Americas U-19 2013 Division 1 Tournament After a vigorous set of regional trials and selection processes, the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) is pleased to announce the 14-man squad set to compete in the ICC Americas U-19 2013 Division 1 Tournament to be held in Toronto, Canada from July 7th – July … Read more

USA National Men’s Cricket Team – Overview

USA National Mens Cricket

50 Over Cricket The USA Senior Men’s team compete in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League (WCL). This competition is a qualification structure for the 2015 ICC 50 Over Cricket World Cup. Currently the USA team are in Division 3 of the WCL and are hoping to progress to the next phase of qualification in … Read more

USA National Women’s Cricket Team – Overview

USA National Women’s Team

Women’s cricket is relatively new on the scene in the US, but its roots are strong and rapidly spreading. Each region has a women’s coordinator who sits on the regional administrative boards and is responsible for the growth and development of women’s cricket in his/her respective region. Going forward, USACA is committed to building on … Read more