10 Best Cricket Shoes 2022 – for All Rounder’s and Fast Bowlers

It is a psychological fact that the first thing that is noticed about a person is their shoes. However, in the sports field, one must have the best possible shoes that provide comfort and traction.

Our Pick
DSC Zooter Cricket Shoe for Men and Boys, Size-5 UK (White-Blue)
Amazon's Choice
adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe, White/Dark Silver Metallic, 8 M US
Good Price
KD Vector Cricket Shoes Spike Less Rubber PVC Sole Turf & Field for Golf Baseball Trek Turf Sports &...
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Slazenger V Series Mens Cricket Shoes Spikes White/Navy 9.5 US
DSC Zooter Cricket Shoe for Men and Boys, Size-5 UK (White-Blue)
adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe, White/Dark Silver Metallic, 8 M US
KD Vector Cricket Shoes Spike Less Rubber PVC Sole Turf & Field for Golf Baseball Trek Turf Sports &...
Slazenger V Series Mens Cricket Shoes Spikes White/Navy 9.5 US
Our Pick
DSC Zooter Cricket Shoe for Men and Boys, Size-5 UK (White-Blue)
DSC Zooter Cricket Shoe for Men and Boys, Size-5 UK (White-Blue)
Amazon's Choice
adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe, White/Dark Silver Metallic, 8 M US
adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe, White/Dark Silver Metallic, 8 M US
Good Price
KD Vector Cricket Shoes Spike Less Rubber PVC Sole Turf & Field for Golf Baseball Trek Turf Sports &...
KD Vector Cricket Shoes Spike Less Rubber PVC Sole Turf & Field for Golf Baseball Trek Turf Sports &...
Also Consider
Slazenger V Series Mens Cricket Shoes Spikes White/Navy 9.5 US
Slazenger V Series Mens Cricket Shoes Spikes White/Navy 9.5 US

Cricket is a beloved sport. It can be interesting for the viewers and even more enjoyable for the players. Despite the enjoyment, it is a tough sport. The harsh conditions and immense strain a player’s body puts on are commendable. When the sport is played on both feet, they must be well protected. Without further ado, let us browse through the best cricket shoes in 2022.

Top 10 Best Cricket Shoes 2022

1. DSC Zooter Cricket Shoe

DSC Zooter Cricket Shoe

These shoes are the least expensive on the list. They are the perfect shoes for beginners. It offers a great grip and excellent comfort with its padding and breathability through the holes. It is not one to be underestimated by those playing professional cricket. It is a great pick for batters.

Sometimes metal cleats work against you on hard pitches. These shoes offer a good grip on almost every surface they are used on.


  • The sole has a decent amount of depth. This depth will be useful if the turf is grassier and damp.
  • The sole is made up of PVC.
  • The shoes are universal in terms of the role of the player.
  • The PVC used on the front part of the boots ensures that it is well protected from dew or wetness on the ground.
  • The lining within the shoe is done in a way that holds well.
  • The PVC sole offers good traction on wetter grounds.
  • It is available in two color combinations, red and blue.

2. Adidas Men’s Tech Response

Adidas Men's Tech Response

Adidas has been the leading sports manufacturer in the long run. These shoes were originally designed for golf which makes them versatile. The hybrid nature of the spikes gives the best of both worlds. It has rubber PVC spikes and a handful of flat metal spikes on the periphery of the sole. The price range of the shoes is variable. It all depends upon the version, size, and color you prefer.


  • The laces of the shoe come with a flap. The flap reduces the chance of the knot opening in the middle of the game.
  • These boots are imported.
  • They have been produced completely out of synthetic, which implies that there is no use of leather.
  • The boots are lightweight despite the metal spikes.
  • The insole is cushioned with fibers, making it gentle on the heels.
  • They are available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • Beyond the size variants, there is an option to select whether you want a wider version or not. This option is wonderful for those whose toes tend to be cramped.
  • Moreover, there are four variants of spiked and nonspiked boots to choose from.

3. Slazenger V Series

Slazenger V Series

The Slazenger v series boots are much better in terms of affordability than the previous Adidas shoes. They are metal spikes that can be used by game veterans and have international credibility. The metal spikes are at the balls of the feet.

This orientation is often useful for batters as they tend to have their weights concentrated in the front half of the feet than the heels. It works like magic. They can also be unscrewed to make it a general rubber spike shoe.


  • The top of the boots has an aerated mesh. This allows the feet to be sweat-free throughout the match.
  • The synthetic nature of the boots makes them free of animal cruelty too.
  • The ankle and insole are padded with soft material to aid the proper weight distribution.
  • It has removable cleats.
  • It is available in multiple sizes.
  • They provide the highest value for Money.
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4. DSC Beamer

DSC Beamer

Another wonderful pair of boots from DSC that offer great affordability. You can use these boots for recreational cricket or starting-level cricket. They are perfect if women want to join cricket as it offers outstanding traction. You can alternatively use them for running or jogging. These boots are also ideal for gymming.


  • The top of the boots has an aerated mesh. This allows the feet to be sweat-free throughout the match.
  • The outer sole is made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It offers a crystal look to it while maintaining the gloss.
  • The insole is cushioned with proper breathable material.
  • It is more elevated than the other variants of DSC shoes.
  • The two fluorescent color combinations and branding make it look modern and fashionable.
  • It is available for both men and women in distinct sizes for both genders.

5. KD Vector Cricket Shoes

KD Vector Cricket Shoes

The KD Vector shoes are made out of a combination of fiber and PVC. These shoes might not seem like traditional cricket spikes, but they are effective enough. They are versatile as they lack protruding metal or rubber spikes.

The entire sole is well balanced and does allow great grip in the grass. It also helps to provide a flat platform on hard surfaces like roads and concrete. This flat nature of the sole renders it perfect for other sports, jogging, running, and casual wear.


  • The shoe has a high-grade rubber sole.
  • The outer sole blends PVC and rubber to offer more grip.
  • A covering in the front of the boot allows maximum protection for the toes. This feature will reduce injuries to batters and wicket keepers.
  • The midsole is a cotton blend that allows proper mattress-styled cushioning for maximum support and comfort.
  • This pair of boots are incredibly lightweight as they lack the traditional spikes.
  • It is universal.
  • The shoes come in various sizes and colors, black-golden being the classiest.

6. Kookaburra KC Adult Spikes

Kookaburra KC Adult Spikes

The KC 2.0 version of the Kookaburra spikes are perfect for professionals as kookaburra is the best cricket brand that serves international veterans. It caters to the need of almost every player. You may even ask for customization and make special requests if you are a recognized individual. You can replace these metal cleats as and when they get smoothened.


  • The construction of the cleats is such that you will not feel elevated on the turf. This allows you to have a better balance.
  • The fabric used in the top half of the shoes is breathable yet sturdy.
  • The fabric mesh allows air to pass through and maintains proper ventilation.
  • They are perfect for bowlers and fielders who will run around on the field.
  • The lining of the shoes is padded. This padding allows the feet not to get chaffed when playing for long durations.
  • It also uses leather to provide rigidity and a premium feel to the shoes.
  • Functional Multi-Fit Upper design with a combination PVC and Mesh upper
  • Board last for durability and strength
  • Low-profile midsole for shock absorbency & feel.

7. Kookaburra Youth 5.0 Spikes

Kookaburra Youth 5.0 Spikes

Kookaburra youth 5.0, as the name suggests, is a brilliant option for the younger crowd. The spikes are not made of metal and are therefore much more convenient for hard and soft surfaces. The player can also wear them for other sports interchangeably. That being said, it is not taboo for adults to wear them. They are ideal for all.


  • The entire shoe is made out of PVC, which allows the shoes to be more durable.
  • They are much better in terms of the duration they can withstand moisture from the feet and the ground.
  • These are low-maintenance boots that can be put under the sun for fungi prevention.
  • These boots are the younger version of the previous metal cleats.

Buying Guide

best cricket Shoes


One must never exceed their budget over anything. A budget created by you is meant to keep you afloat in these troublesome and inflationary situations. The price of the pair of shoes you purchase must dictate your purchase decisions to a certain extent. Certain shoes are cheaper and require little to no money to maintain.

The other shoes, which usually have metal cleats, need proper care and maintenance, for which you might have incurred expenditure. These recurring expenditures are not upfront costs but will still have to be spent just to use the shoes you purchase.

Even if you are a professional cricketer but cannot afford professional metal spikes, you can start with cheaper shoes, and as you earn, you may upgrade your selection.


It would be best if you never ignored this pointer. Comfort should be a priority regardless of the amount you are willing to pay. Whether or not you play cricket extensively, the sole of your feet is under tremendous pressure. A fast bowler puts up to 9 times his body weight on one of his feet each delivery. In the long term, this will have terrific and long-lasting effects on the feet if shoes lack comfort.

Even with the best possible shoes customized for international players, most cricketers suggest that their feet are loaded with painful blisters and hardened skin after every test match. These injuries can cause devastating issues in your career. It will often become a hindrance if proper comfort is not taken care of.


playing cricket

Considering which level you play cricket at will aid you in selecting the right pair of shoes. Those individuals playing cricket at a high level will require high-quality metal spikes. The question surfaces when you play cricket occasionally.

The need for spikes, whether metal or rubber, becomes limited. At lower frequency and intensity, However, if you are someone who does play cricket with a season or deuce ball, investing in spikes is essential. As the level increases, better boots are always available.


Cricket spikes are not only meant for cricket. They can be designed specifically for cricket, which never restricts them to the sport. After all, they are shoes as well. The player can use them like regular running shoes or even trekking shoes. Steel spikes are not so versatile. If you believe that the investment in shoes must give decent returns of value and want to wear them in multiple situations, going for rubber spikes or general sports shoes will be effective.

Metal cleats can be unscrewed and can be converted into general running shoes. This adaptability also makes them useful for casual outings to match your outfit. It is a quirky addition to your new fashion.


Cricket, as a game, is unpredictable, and we see major turnarounds in the game often. It involves a lot of mental ability from its players to survive the testing format of test cricket over five days and pressure handling in the shorter forms of the game. Despite the mental ability, it demands, cricket is still a physical sport and therefore requires you to be as agile as possible on the field.

Proper gear and equipment are purchased to play the game. It would be best if you did not ignore Cricket shoes. They are the only equipment used at all ties, whether you are a wicketkeeper, a batsman, or a bowler. Therefore, it is imperative to consider each element before selecting the perfect pair of cricket boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to run in Cricket shoes?

A cricketer is required to run a lot on the field. Cricket shoes are only meant to aid the process of running while providing grip and comfort as extended benefits. One can surely run in cricket shoes.

Are metal cleats better than rubber spikes?

Metal cleats offer a better grip compared to rubber spikes on grassy surfaces or soft surfaces. On extremely hard surfaces like red soil and concrete, one must be very careful with metal spikes as they can skid.

Can we bowl in Batting spikes?

Batting spikes are nothing but bowling spikes without the cleats on the heel. The cleats from the heel are removed to offer a better grip to the batsman. You may bowl with batting spikes but it will put more pressure on the heel.

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