13 Best Cricket Gift Ideas 2023 – Top Surprise Ideas For Cricket Lovers

It must be hard planning a gift for such a Cricket loving individual. Cricket is one of the most popular sports across Asia, England and Australia. The various formats have their own respective challenges. Here are some incredible cricket gift ideas.

Cricket is a spectacular sport, much like baseball in the United States of America. There is an immensely large number of options that may put up a smile on their faces. Their relevance usually depends upon whether they take an active part in the sport of cricket or not.

We have listed multiple choices below but you may choose to create a combination as per your wish just to be parallel to their desires.

List of Top Cricket Gift Ideas In 2023

1. Don Bradman Cricket 14 (Xbox One | PlayStation 3)

Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is the prequel to Don Bradman Cricket 17. The game has stunning graphics and brilliant textures. Current-day developers are generally developing games for other genres. Hence, this game is one of the few options available to cricket lovers.

It has customizable players and rosters. The batting and bowling functionalities are impressive especially with an immersive career mode. This will be a great purchase for anybody who loves cricket as it simulates it for them. It also has an online mode, so you may as well sit back on your couch and give it a go.

There are many features that you must know before buying it. There are amazing facts to learn.


  • The game contains a range of different modes.
  • One can create players, stadiums, tournaments etcetera in the game.
  • The graphics are incredible, especially under the lights.
  • It offers a decent career mode.
  • It is interesting enough to play for at least 30-60 hours

2. Cricket 2023 (PlayStation 5)

Cricket 2023

Cricket 22 is the latest and the most well-developed game for cricket. The character movements and stadium textures are incredible. The best part about the game is that it is licensed. It has the Australian Big Bash T20 league, the Hundred from England and Caribbean Premiere League from West Indies.

The official teams of New Zealand, Ireland and multiple major cricket-playing nations are there. Ashes- the oldest and biggest rivalry in cricket between England and Australia is available with player-accurate stances and techniques. Such factors add to realism such that it feels less like an emulator.


  • The fielding and bowling controls are brand new and enhanced.
  • The career mode is a lot more realistic, especially with narration-based storytelling.
  • The commentary panel has been changed so that the game feels fresh just like a real match.
  • Graphics are the best across all other games available in the sport of cricket.

3. The Art of Cricket by Don Bradman

The Art of Cricket by Don Bradman

If your dear one loves to read, then reading about cricket will never be a poor option. This book has been written by the Don of Cricket, Don Bradman himself. It talks about multiple technical aspects that may not be visible to the naked eye of a viewer.

The book has a hard cover which makes it a treasure for most readers. The book is known to be one of the greatest and most elaborate cricket coaching books available. This can be used by anybody who has even the most remote interest in the sport.


  • The book runs to 236 pages.
  • It is available in English
  • It restores its originality in its illustrations which are still black and white.
  • A detailed guide of how to select equipment is stated.
  • The book is still absolute in relevant despite the modern advancements of the game.

4. Cricket Set (Juniors)

Cricket Set (Juniors)

If you are willing to gift a younger kid or a pre-teen, this might be the best pick for you. If they love to play beach cricket, this is the most apt set to select. The set is collection of a wooden bat and stumps with 2 bails and a tennis ball.

The set contents will ensure that nobody gets injured. It also provides massive utility. Anybody can play with it on most open and public grounds or streets without meting out collateral damage.


  • Wooden bats and stumps make them ever so realistic compared to plastic equipment.
  • It is rendered safe for children between the years 10-14.
  • It can be used as an introductory tool to people who like baseball, which is a similar sport.
  • Contains a bag to carry all the contents comfortably.

5. Cricket Kit (Professionals)

Cricket Kit

This kit is for those that are playing cricket with a leather/ season ball. The leather ball is extremely hard. Especially when delivered at high speeds, the ball can cause inexplicable damage to people. Thus, the protective equipment comes in handy.

The kit contains everything ranging from a Kashmir Willow Bat, Pads, Helmet, Gloves, Abdomen Guard, Thigh Pads and a Kitbag.


  • There are 3 different sizes available.
  • The material used is comfortable and of high quality.
  • Breathable gloves and pads.
  • Certified Helmet concurring to concussion protocols.

6. Kashmir Willow Bat

Kashmir Willow Bat

There are multiple bats available in the market but the willow with which the bat is made matters a lot. Kashmir willow bats are used up to the international level. This bat can be used to play with a tennis ball or a leather ball.

It is suitable for everybody, even professionals.


  • The bat is made from willow from Kashmir.
  • It weighs 960 grams which is ideal for almost everybody.
  • The bat has a great grip and offers great leverage.
  • The edge Thickness is of 42mm

7. English Willow Bat

English Willow Bat

English willow bats are expensive when compared to Kashmir willow. However, they offer great stroke making and the ping (sound of the bat when the ball hits it) is melodious to all cricket lovers.

This grade of bat is mostly used by professionals and international players. Thus, only select this option if you have the budget.


  • The bat is made from grade 5 willow.
  • It weighs 1380 grams which makes it ideal for longer formats.
  • The bat has an “aqua” grip for additional comfort.

8. Rubber Spike Shoes

Rubber Spike Shoes

Cricket is a sport that requires athleticism from its players. The conditions in which the game is played are also ever-changing. Normally there is a lot of dew in the outfield and sometimes it is difficult to not skid on the pitch while bowling.

To prevent the possibility of injuries caused by skidding and falling, spikes are a great gift. Metal cleats have particularly been ignored as they are expensive, skid on hard surfaces and are also hard to maintain. Rubber spikes offer good grip and comfort.


They can alternatively be used as running shoes as well.

  • It comes in different standard sizes.
  • It has a Polyurethane sole that offers extra traction.
  • The padded inner sole makes it comfortable.
  • This pair is really affordable.

9. Bowling Machine

Bowling Machine

If your dear one lacks someone to call for bowling at him/her, the best thing that can be presented is a bowling machine. Although this is generally used for baseball, the settings can be modified and adjusted to suit cricket.

This is an engaging device. One may as well use it commercially and charge others to use it. So by gifting this, you are also providing a source of income to them.


  • It can bowl up to 90 miles per hour.
  • 6 baseballs and 6 softballs come along with the machine.
  • It is adjustable in terms of angles and distance.
  • Suitable for coaches and players both.
  • It can alternatively be used for fielding and catching practice as well.

Buying Guide

Before buying any gift for your cricket maniac, various aspects must be thought about extensively. To aid the cumbersome activity of product research and need realization, the following buying guide has been forged. You must run through them before finalizing any idea.


It is highly appreciable that you are brainstorming to gift certain items to your loved ones. However, one must never forget the budget constraint. The aforementioned products are essentially worth what they cost. Certain items are pricier than others.

If you do not wish to spend unreasonably, “The Art of Cricket” by Don Bradman and the cricket set for juniors are pocket-friendly options. The ones that are moderately priced are the rubber spikes, Kashmir willow Bat, and the two video games- Don Bradman Cricket 14 and Cricket 22.

If your budget is large enough you may as well go for the English willow bat, Cricket kit for professionals or the bowling machine which is indeed the costliest option of all.


Whenever you are gifting something, make sure that it will actually end up being used by the person on the receiving end of it. For those that play cricket on a regular basis, Cricket bats and shoes will be good enough. For the more serious ones, Cricket Kits and bowling machines might be apt.

More so, you must consider whether they have the right device for video games. If they are not into reading, gifting them a book will be as pointless as a blunt pencil.


It greatly matters where they reside. Residence in a cricket-playing nation will be crucial for kits and equipment which might require more people to play with. The two video games and the book are universally apt for anybody.

A Kashmir willow bat is not suitable for someone who lives in Kashmir and an English willow bat is not as good for United Kingdom residents. This is because it will be their local product which they could have easily purchased. However, this is not a thumb rule. If they want something but could not buy it for any reason, a gift will make their smiles sparkly.


Gifts must be age appropriate. No matter your budget, it is not ideal to spend too much on a gift if it is for a preteen. Kits and bats are better for the younger generation as compared to the older ones. Older people might not be able to use your gifted equipment as frequently as they would want to.

The Bottom Line

The buying guide and best gift ideas for cricket lovers that are presented to you have been researched and explained in detail. But, you must try to be creative with what you really wish to gift. Any combination of the above items can be gifted to suit their needs.

In a nutshell, only you know them well enough to know what they would like. Some people do not like expensive gifts, and you must respect that or all of these efforts will go in vain. You may want to look for more ideas, and brainstorm a little more. If you already have deciphered the perfect idea, great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Surprise for Boyfriend

Can a baseball bowling machine be used for cricket?

Yes, in cricket, we often use hockey balls to train cricketers. The leather ball is almost as big as the baseball. It will not be an issue to use it. Besides, fielding is common in both sports. Hence it will surely be a great buy.

Can cricket spikes be used for other purposes?

Rubber cricket spikes can often be used in other sports. It is compatible with jogging, running and other track and field events.

  Are video games worth it?

The games mentioned here are both from the same developer, TruBlu Games. Both have their own pros and cons. However, you need not worry as much as the number of bugs in either of the games is resolved. The gaming community also offers solutions easily. Hence, the price is not a terrible one for games this good.

Where can the Junior Cricket set be used?

The junior cricket set is almost universal. If there is enough space and at least two people, one can play cricket easily, even without the need for nay protective gear. Kids often love to play cricket in summer and also on beaches. The set is a steal at that price as the utility and longevity derived from it will surpass its cost.

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